75 ans de contribution à la vie culturelle de Québec

Palais Montcalm

The Conservatoire de musique de Québec celebrated their 75th anniversary with a classical concert at the Palais Montcalm. Two pieces for voice and the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra by Shegolev were performed by tenor Gabriel Provencher and baritone Michaël Thériault. It was the world premier of Dance de nuit and Noël, Noël under the direction of Dmitri Zrajevski.

December 2nd, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Palais Montcalm
995, place d’Youville, Quebec, Quebec G1R 3P1

Tickets: Official site

Master Class in Composition at Sherbrooke University

The Festival-concours de musique de Sherbrooke in collaboration with Sherbrooke University’s school of music, is hosting a composition and interpretation master class featuring the Russian-Canadian composer Aleksey Shegolev. A selected number of students will participate in a workshop this fall at the Serge-Garant Auditorium at Sherbrooke University. A public performance of compositions accomplished during the master class is scheduled for 8 pm later that evening.

Université de Sherbrooke 

L’auditorium Serge-Garant
3419 rue Redpath
pavillon C3, local 2005 2500
Sherbrooke, (Québec)
J1K 2R1

Concert: Saturday, Nov 11th 2017 at 8 pm

Of Songwriting and Storytelling: A Book by Aleksey Shegolev

About the book:

WAG! The Musical is composer and lyricist Aleksey Shegolev’s second full-length musical and it is the first to be performed in an off-Broadway theatre in New York during the summer of 2013. The idea for the plot was inspired by William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost, where he and his collaborator Julian Silverman created a story fit for modern times. Good storytelling and strong songwriting depends on the characters having a goal to pursue as they overcome the obstacles in their paths. As the story progresses, the level of intensity must always rise to keep the audiences’ attention. Jazz and rock ‘n’ roll were the main musical influences on this piece and this book will show how rhythm, harmony and texture played a part in creating WAG!. Musicalizing comedy by using various techniques in composition is another topic that will be explored. Finally, Shegolev closes with his personal experiences during the workshop from dealing with the director to the endless revisions and cuts that had to be made before opening night.